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food safety constantly monitored

The food safety of our products is constantly monitored by our chemical and microbiological laboratory, through which the food safety level of the raw material and finished products is constantly monitored.
In the chemical laboratory, the attention to food safety is ensured by using cutting-edge equipment. HPLC with Agilent Fluorimeter that allows us to monitor the level of Aflatoxins (G2, G1, B2, B1), from the acceptance of raw materials to the release of the finished product.
Aflatoxins are mycotoxins produced by fungal species that possess genotoxic and carcinogenic properties. The aflatoxins are in fact often present in food products such as pistachios, almonds and more in general all kind of tree nuts, due to fungal contaminations that occur naturally in the phases preceding and following harvesting.
In the dedicated microbiological laboratory are carried out all the analyses necessary for the definition of microbiological parameters, from the research of pathogenic microorganisms (Salmonella, Listeria, etc.) to the definition of contamination parameters (total microbial charge, Enterobacteria, E. Coli).

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