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About pistachio

tree, origin, harvest

Pistachio is a fruit tree belonging to the Anacardiacea and Pistacia genus. This plant has oriental origins and can exceed 10 meters in height and three centuries of age.
The cultivation areas of international importance are in the Middle East (especially Iran, as well as in Turkey and Syria), but also in China and California. In southern European countries, cultivation is concentrated in Italy, Greece and Spain.
Rich in nutritional properties, among all vitamins and minerals, it is also often used in the medical field for its many active ingredients.
Pistachio is a resistant and long-lived fruit, haracterized by a rubbery and thin husk; the fruit usually grows in clusters and is made up of elongated drupes which, during maturation, vary from red to yellow-cream colour.
Pistachio is also an ideal ingredient for many culinary preparations, both sweet and salty.

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